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It will be around a year ago now when I was sitting at my work desk, realising that this was not for me, I could not stand being in that dead old town and dead end job for much longer. So a friend of mine told me to go home, run myself a bath, make myself a cup of tea and figure out what I need to do. I realised I needed to be back overseas, so not too much later I had booked my one way ticket over to London and started the countdown. From then onwards everything has just happened in its course and this is how I am where I am right now. There is not a thing I could change because I have been so lucky, after thinking things were never going to work out they always managed to over time.

I decided that I would fly over and spend a few days in London, go to a few agency interviews and then travel for about a month. I knew that in that month travelling I would meet people, well I didn't know for sure but I was betting everything on it because if i had some other people in the same situation as me it would be a lot easier. I was right though, I met the most incredible people from that trip who I am still very close with. I decided I wasn't ready to figure out my life or start work yet so I jotted my way around Ireland, it was the second time I had been there and it was just as adventurous as the first.

However there comes a point when a sense of normality is necessary though, I needed a regular routine, a normal diet and a place to unpack my bag. So from there began my nightmare of finding somewhere to base myself in London. I almost made the mistake of agreeing to the first place I saw, luckily I then went on to look at another 14 places and realised I wouldn't be in the right place had I chosen it.

In the meantime I had managed to get myself a job as a supply teacher at a school in south east London, I was living in a hostel dorm of 12 people and commuting to and from work from that. I finally found a place and moved in a week later, I settled with this place, it was a lovely big room but it was in an awful house with. It came with no communal areas and a range of flat mates that wouldn't speak a word to me, it was also in one of the worst areas in London, I had picked well.

On a regular Friday afternoon, I had finished work for the day and was sitting in a cafe using the wifi because the internet didn't work in the house. I received an email from a travel company I had had an interview with a week prior and it turned out they were offering me an IT admin position. It was something I didn't even hesitate with, I accepted and was due to start the following Monday, so within in minutes I phoned up my current supervisor with my heart racing and said I would not be returning to the school.

The only reason I got the flat was because it meant I wouldn't have to pay for transport to and from work, that was the only reason I was staying there and since I was no longer working at the school I decided I wanted to leave the house. So I investigated every avenue I could take to get myself out and into somewhere else when my good friend offered up the other half of her bed to me.
I was now living in a house full of people my age and with the same interests and ideas as me, I was working in my dream industry and finally getting my 9-5 routine that I wanted.

It was about two months in when I received a phone call from another travel company offering me the position of a lifetime, the chance to work in Paris over the summer. To my surprise I actually had to think about this decision, I had just adjusted to my new routine, I was comfortable in London and wasn't sure if I was ready to up and go again. However that pondering thought didn't last long and two weeks later I was Paris.

I couldn't picture what I would be doing right now or how I would feel if I hadn't have had that job opportunity, it has changed my thoughts on the ways things should run and my work ethic. The decision to move overseas wasn't so I could party and run a muck around the world, it was because I knew I could see myself starting up a life over here and that's exactly what I'm trying to move towards. It is still a long way off because I still have no real base, no current income and am still in two minds about what to do in the foreseeable future but I have faith that in time it will fall into place.

I think this last year has been a puzzle and each decision has been a piece, sometimes you can't find the right ones or you try and make the wrong one fit and have to try again but you get there eventually and that is where I am today, sitting on a coach on my way to Istanbul and wouldn't change a thing, however my puzzle is still far from finished and I'm excited to keep working on it.

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