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Be the change you wish to see in the world

How can one expect the world to change for the greater good if they cannot first see it in themselves.

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I first started this blog to write about the some what memorable things that have happened in my life. I think I have felt that since being back in Australia that nothing memorable has happened worth writing about. However each day I'm seeing good things happen, so it's time I start expressing my thoughts. I feel the need to have a fabulous topic conjured up in my head before I can begin to write. Although every topic lately has ended with an unfinished sentence and my procrastination getting in the way.

With the worlds population being as monumental as it is, it's quite easy to remember how small a part we all play in it. However if every person stopped playing their small part, everything would quite simply fall apart. Now I'm not saying I'm a huge contributor, I'm not an engineer, a doctor, nor do I work for the government or anything else seemingly important.

But I am a traveller, a traveller with an imagination that stretches farther than the eye can see. I see the world with an open mind and can never see enough of it. I want to be able to experience all that there is to offer, to see another way of living, see every angle and learn to understand the many different lives people lead.

Every person wishes to be surrounded by the people that will make their life a better place, I want to be that person that people want to surround themselves around. I count myself lucky every single day, to be living, not living a life of grand gesture but just to be living. I live my life with people that I love, people that I feel lucky to have met or be related too.

In doing just these small things, such as staying positive or going that extra mile for someone, we are helping make a change in the world. If we can all live a life with a 'pay it forward' attitude then we all in turn will live a better life and have it paid back to us.

Make every moment count, because why would you waste a second doing anything but that.

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Achieve this

Achieve this in five years

I have decided to start writing goals and things I want to achieve because miraculously enough everything I dreamed of having over a year ago has come true. I worked hard for it but only now am I starting to realise how much you get when you put your mind to it. So this is my list of things I want to do, I have give myself five years because I know there is so much more I want to add to it but in time.

Dream big and live bigger.

1. Travel around Russia and try not to express my opinions too loudly, don't feel like getting jailed too.

2. Spend my birthday in a country other than the UK or Aus.

3. Learn how to snowboard, or get some quick photos and say I tried.

4. Macchu Picchu - to do this walk would be amazing

5. Ride a bicycle on death road in Bolivia

6. Re learn how to read music, I think this would be beneficial for me

7. Learn how to play the piano, or at least master one song to perfection which I will just play over and over again

8. Brush up on my German to fluency

9. Learn to speak another language (not including English, German or Swiss German)

10. New York - cliché I know but I want to watch the ball drop on NYE

11. Rio - Christ the redeemer

12. Visit München at least another four times in this period (I love it so much)

13. Visit an opera show (music heals my soul)

14. Travel Israel (if I could work in a kibbutz that would be incredible)

15. Egypt!

16. Salt flats in Bolivia

These ones are things I don't think I will be able to achieve in five years but I will still try.

17. The way of Saint James, 500 mile pilgrimage walk to Santiago

18. A hike along the Kamchatka Peninsula, the most active volcanoes in Russia

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So I have been a little bit slack in uploading anything recently, however I have actually been writing but just not enough or much. I have managed to write two unfinished semi decent pieces which I never got around to finishing and did not the same motivation or mindset to re continue them. I figured I might as well post what I have so far either way. I have given them no titles either, because that requires thought.

1st unfinished entry

'The picture perfect mountains are racing by my eyes as I sit on this train gazing out the window. I always seem to find my motivation to write random things when I'm on modes of transport. Maybe it is because I have nothing else to distract myself with, if I had access to the internet I would definitely be watching 'Breaking Bad' instead of this.

However it does give me the opportunity to realise how lucky I am to have dual citizenship in what I think are some of the most amazing countries in the world. I have just spent under three weeks in Switzerland enjoying the Christmas and new year festivities. Which leads me to the inevitable post travel blues, however I only have to spend a few days in good ol London Town before I head off again.

Now to get to what I really started thinking about, people. Everyone has been looking back on their past year and reminiscing about the good times and the things they've achieved. When I do the same I remember how freaking awesome my year has been I've ticked off so many things I wanted to do and see which I only ever dreamt of doing.

But the main reason this year has been so fabulous for me is because of the people I have met along the way. The people you surround yourself with are the ones who can make or break your experiences. I honestly can't explain how lucky I have been to have met these people I now call some of my best friends. I have mentioned before that I'm a people person, I am approachable and friendly so it's no doubt I would meet a couple people. '

2nd unfinished entry

'It's so easy to lose track of the things you used to do, the people that used to be and the places you used to see. Time is a funny thing like that, it will turn something so familiar into a distant memory and there is nothing you can do about it.
No matter how hard you try you will start to forget the way they used to laugh, or the walk to your favourite place. Sometimes you will put an image in your head of how you think it may have been but deep down you know your mind is distorting what was reality into now a dream.
So what happens when time catches up and you do revisit these people, places and real life memories. Does it all come rushing back or is it something gradual that gains bit by bit.

I revisited the past recently and it was something so incredible and blessing to be able to do. I hadn't been to this place in three years, I hadn't seen the people or tasted the culture and life that had once been mine. As soon as I stepped outside it felt as though I stepped back in time and that nothing had changed. I didn't feel as though I needed to back track my steps, rethink about where to go or what to do. It was all stored in my head but had just been stored for the last few years, until I was ready to re visit it.

So I like to think this would be relevant in most cases, where you haven't been practising a skill for a while but once you start up again it all comes rushing back. My not so good German skills turn into terrible German skills when I'm not using it every day. In the short amount of time spent in Germany recently I was having conversations and understanding most of what I was saying in just a few days. '

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No time to look back

After allowing myself to get stuck in a rut for far too long, I've finally found my ambition and personality again. Only now am I really appreciating the full extent of christmas time in London. If you take the time to take it all in you also realise how much there is to do. Only just yesterday did I witness a truly magical rendition of the Nutcracker. It was performed by the English National Ballet and was an absolute masterpiece. The incredible talent showcased in the production left me day dreaming. Day dreaming of a life where I was the lead ballet dancer in such a beautiful piece. The way the live orchestra put me into a lull of happiness, it left me feeling oh so content. It makes you think, well it makes me think at least.

I realise that life is completely what you make it, it's truly as simple as that. Even if things aren't going as you've planned or you've become stuck in a rut, as long as you believe in your mind that things will get better, they eventually will head that way. I am only going up with things at the moment, starting tomorrow when I jet off to the land of the Swiss. Experiencing a traditional European white Christmas, yes please? Switzerland has become one of my many second homes, it goes along with London and Paris, so I figured it would only be natural to spend my time there.

Another thing about maintaining a positive outlook on life is to actually have an outlook on life. I've just had the wonderful realisation that I have so much ahead of me. I've conjured up the grandest plans for the next however many years and it keeps me pushing myself forward, to reach those goals. I understand in advance that my dreams come with an immense amount of hard work and dedication. But I cannot help but be ecstatic about the times ahead and where in the world they could possibly lead me.

Have you ever heard that saying, 'laughing is contagious', well I'm hoping the Cheshire Cat grin on my face is too because I can't stop smiling. Enjoy your happy moments in life with those around you that you hold nearest and dearest, it will spread. So on that note ladies and gentleman, I bid you goodnight (or good morning depending on which side of the hemisphere you reside).
Stay merry, and until next time.

Ecstatic Jt

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You can't ignore the draw

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The moment the plane touched down in London I felt as though I hit a wall, I couldn't remember the last time I got excited to be back here and that's not going to change anytime soon. It isn't the fact that the weather is never nice, the sun doesn't shine or that it is too expensive for me to do anything. This happens in places all over the world, but I've now associated London with the end of a holiday or post holiday blues.

However I was lucky enough to get away from it for a few days and see a place that I have never felt happier in. I could have easily sat in that Main Street for hours, looking at the Christmas lights, taking in the smells of roasted nuts and mulled wine that drifted by every now and then.
Endless moments seeing children wrapped up like Eskimos trying to run around and look at the nativity scenes set up in the shop windows. Finding a hidden restaurant, tucked away in an alley with a warm and cosy feeling once you made it inside. Enjoying a hearty meal at a table filled with newfound friends and having a beer or two to keep the spirits high.
Putting the snug fitting ice skates on and familiarising myself with how hard the ice is when you crash down hard on it. But managing to get back up and glide around to notice the crowd growing around the rink and christmas lights hanging on every corner.

It's true, I've fallen in love, in love with a city called Munich. I left home to travel and see as many new places as I could, I wanted to find a city that I could see myself living in. This is definitely one of those cities, I feel a sense of home when I'm there and thrive off finding cafés and bars that could become my regular scene. The language is familiar to me and there is so much culture to immerse yourself in. There are so many traditional specialities to try and so many beautiful buildings to look at in awe.

Not only does it have all of this but it is also very rich in history, which is something I live for. Hearing the stories of what happened here and how it changed the way things are done. It enthrals me to the point in which I feel like I'm actually living in those times and experiencing the heartache and pain they felt. A city that captivates me so much is something I cannot ignore. The moment I leave it I am already planning a way to get myself back there, just to feel some normality and to feed my fascination.

So at this point in my young and ripe life, I am more than happy to be in love with a city and a city only. It has satisfied me so and I only bring back fond memories of my times there, so until next time Munich.

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