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Pampered like the Gods

As I walked in through the stone carved archway and into 'Alaadin Turkish bath' I'm greeted by a young Turkish woman, probably only a year or two older than me. I'm then taken into a small change room and she tells me to undress and gives me a piece of material which I'm fairly sure was an old torn in half table cloth. So I walk out of the change rooms clinging onto the cloth to make sure it covers most of my body, I could only really get it to cover one half of my body, I chose the bottom half.

Into the sauna I go, she covers my face in a mud mask and I sit in the stifling heat watching the sweat drip down my body. After a short time I am joined by a man wearing a similar cloth around his bottom half and he starts a fabulous conversation with me in Turkish, which I reply to with a number of smiles and nods. Not too long after I'm taken out into this beautiful bathing area, all marble stoned with a large hexagonal platform bench in the middle with another six joining open wash areas off each edge. She takes me into one of these areas and fills up metal bowls full of water and douses me in it, washing my face, my hair, soaking the cloth and keeping me fighting for air as she washed the mask off.

Then she takes me and lays me down on top of the platform, putting a hot water bottle under my head which did nothing to support me, it still very much felt as though I was laying naked on a rock. I was then treated to a Turkish skin peal, which involves a lot of exfoliation, all over my body. Again came the dousing of water and then the cloth was removed and I was covered with an abundance of soapy foam, from head to toe. I swear if I had breathed a little too hard I would have slipped right off the bench!
However the young lady made sure I wouldn't slip off as she gave me a foam massage, the woman didn't speak much but she did say 'does the lady want soft massage or hard massage', the latter was my definite choice.

I was washed off again but this time with much warmer water which was a lot more pleasant for me, then I continued on into a jacuzzi where I died of relaxation for about 20 minutes before having a hot shower. Before each time I moved from one place to another my lady would wrap the soaking cloth around me, so after I showered I was expecting the same. However when I got out of the shower she had a large Turkish bath towel (which could cover three people easily) and it was warm too, little bit if heaven here, although I did feel like a child being wrapped up by their mother after a bath.
I thought the whole experience was over but I still had a massage to come, I was taken into a small room with about three large heaters beaming down on the massage table. This made the whole thing very comfortable and I could feel the heat on my body. After that was all done I had to get changed, which felt weird after not having anything on but I had Turkish apple tea waiting for me at the end.
A lovely Turkish experience, and everyone said I was looking like a new woman afterwards, boom, skin as smooth as a babies bottom. Thank you Turkey, never thought a stranger bathing me could be so rewarding.

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